Selected Papers

1966 -1975

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1976 – 1985

P21    Stucki P., Wong K.Y., Adaptive Switching of Dispersed and Clustered Halftone Patterns for Bi-Level Image Rendition, Soci­ety of Information Dis­play, International Symposium, Dig. of Techn. Papers, Vol VIII, pp. 124-125, April 1976.

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P29    Stucki P., MECCA – A Multiple-Error Correction Computation Algorithm for Bi-Level Image Hardcopy Reproduction, Inaugural Dissertation for which was awarded the title Privatdozent (PD) from the University of Zurich, Nov. 6, 1981.

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1986 – 1995

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1996 – 2005

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2006 – 2015

P139  Stucki P., The Federal Program Swiss Virtual Campus, Schweizerische Akademie für Geisteswissenschaften (SAGW), Gerzensee Kolloquium ‘Société d’information – récits et réalités’, Sammelband SAGW, 2006.

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