IBM Research Reports Peter Stucki

R1      Stucki P. Statistical Measurements for Television Picture Classification and some Experiments on Video Signal Encoding, RZ 265, 23.5.1968 DIC Thesis).

R2      Stucki P., Generation of Grey-Tones by Computer for Simulation of Visual Systems, RZ 282, 23.10.1968.

R3      Stucki P., Simulation of an Instantaneous Priority Multiplex System for Efficient Graphic Information Transmission, RZ 289, 5.12.1986.

R4      Closs F., Seitzer D., Stucki P., An Experimental Approach to Video Bandwidth Compression by Multiplexing, RZ 293, 13.1.1969.

R5      Stucki P., Application of Polyominoes to Efficient Transmission of Graphics, RZ 299, 17.2.1969.

R6      Stucki P., Limits of Instantaneous Priority Multiplexing Applied to Black-and-White Pictures, RZ 365, 9.7.1970.

R7      Stucki P., Picture Processing Using a General-Purpose Computer-System, RZ 436, 9.7.1971.

R8      Stucki P., Instantaneous Priority Multiplex Transmission of Grey-Tone Pictures, RZ 477, 21.1.1972.

R9      Stucki P., Huang T. S, Image Transmission in Communication Systems, RZ 491, 13.3.1972.

R10    Frei A.H., Schindler H.R., Stucki P., Vettiger P., Digital Recording of High-Quality Music, Task-Force Report, RZ 541, 23.10.1972 (Classified).

R11    Stucki P., Computer Simulation in Electro-Optical Image Processing, RZ 639, 30.4.1974.

R12    Stucki P., Comparison and Optimization of Computer-Generated Digital Halftone Pictures, RZ 645, 9.7.1984 (Classified).

R13    Stucki P., Schmid W., A Misregistration and Orientation-Independent Method to Recognize Single-Font Typewritten Numerals, RZ 650, 18.7.1974.

R14    Stucki P., Halftone Rendition Requirements for Document Reproduction, RJ 1925, 4.2.1977 (Classified).

R15    Stucki P., Wong K.Y., Adaptive Switching of Dispersed and Clustered Halftone Patterns for Bi-Level Image Rendition, RJ 2020, 8.6.1977.

R16    Stucki P., Medoff B. P., MECCA – A Multiple-Error Correction Computation Algorithm for Bi-Level Image Hardcopy Reproduction, RZ 926, 12.10.1978 (Filter anaysis).

R17    Stucki P., Image Processing for Document Reproduction, RZ 983, 14.9.1979.

R18    Heath J.P., Stucki P., Picture-Element Transformations for Medium-Resolution Printers, 5.12.1979.

R19    Kocher M., Stucki P., Thomas H., Requantization of Continuous-Tone Patterns for Optimized Grey-Tone Perception, RZ 1004, 15.4.1980.

R20    Andreae P., Stucki P., Reflectance of Half-Tone Patterns on Electro-Sensitive Paper, RZ 1044, 23.9.1980.

R21    Stucki P., MECCA – A Multiple-Error Correcting Computation Algorithm for Bi-Level Image Hardcopy Reproduction, RZ 1060, 3.2.1981 (Extended version).


Institut für Informatik der Universität Zürich

Research Reports (MML)

U1      Wüthrich Ch. A., Stucki P. An Algorithmic Comparison Between Square- and Hexagonal-Based Grids, # 88.06, November 1988.

U2      Wüthrich Ch. A., Stucki P., Ghezal A., A Frequnecy Domain Analysis of Square- and Hexagonal-Grid Based Images, # 89.04, March 1989.

U3      Stucki P., Dieth O., Kocherhans T., Meyer K., Synthetic Image Generation for Applicatiojn in Opthalmology and Neuropsychology, # 89.07, September 1989.

U4      Ghezal A., Stucki P., Automated Surface-Reconstruction of 3D Objecxts from Tomography-Slices Using a General-Purpose Graphics Super-Workstation, # 90.10, November 1990.

U5      Lebedev D. S., Laplacian Pyramid Code as a Representation for Low-Level Visual Information, # 92.01, Januar 1992.

U6      Stucki P., Algorithms and Procedures for Digital Halftone Generation, # 92.03, März 1992.

U7      Wei Q., Remé Chr., Stucki P., An Advanced Digital Image processing System for the Analysis of Cell-Micrographs in Morphology, “ 92.05, April 1992.

U8      Stucki P., Möglichkeiten zur Erzeugung virtueller Realitäten. #92.21, November 1992.

U9      Sennhauser R., Stucki P., Automatische Schriftzeichenerkennung in der elektronischen Dokumentenabbildverarbeitung, 93.40, Oktober 1993


MultiMedia Laboratorium Technical Reports

M1     Bichsel M., Ohnesorge K. W., How to Measure a Camera’s Response Curve from Scratch, # 93-01, April 1993.

M2      Fromherz Th., Bichsel M., A Suitable Lighting Setting for Video Pictures of Humans, # 93-02, April 1993.

M3      Dürst M. J., Structured Character Description for Font Design: A Preliminary Approach Based on Prolog,
# 93-03, May 1993.

M4       Ackermann Ph., Object-oriented Modeling of Time Synchronization in a Multimed ia Application Framework, # 93-04 a, June 1993.

M5      Eichelberg D., Ackermann Ph., Integrating Interactive 3D-Graphics into an Object-oriented Application Framework, # 93-04 b, June 1993.

M6      Bichsel M., A Scene’s Picture Set under Varying Lightning, # 93-07, July 1993.

M7      Stucki H., Stucki P., Zollikofer Chr., Das SL-Med Projekt: Statusbericht, # 93-08, July 1993.

M8      Dürst M.J., Coordinate-Independent Font Description, # 93-09, August 1993.

M9      Bichsel M., Karhunen-Loève Transformation under Symmetry Constraints, # 93-10, September 1993.

M10    Stucki P., Stucki H., Fuchs W. A., Trentz O., Fast Prototyping for Application in Medicine: Preliminary Results of a Clinical Study, # 93-12, October 1993.

M11    Sennhauser R., Kontexteinbezug in Texterkennungssystemen, # 93-13, October 1993.

M12    Stern Chr., A Parallel Implementation of the Computation-Intensive Parts of the MOLEKEL-Package Using Cluster of Workstations, # 93-14, November 1993.

M13    Sennhauser R., On improving recognition accuracy of text recognition systems using typographical constraints, # 93-15, Dezember 1993.

M14    Sennhauser R., Ohnesorge K. W., Document Image Compression Using Document Analysis and Block-Class-Specific Data Compression Methods, # 94-01, January 1994.

M15    Ohnesorge K. W., Bichsel M., Fast Adaptive Arithmetic Coding, # 94-02, January 1994.

M16              Bichsel M., Probability Distributions in Natural Images, # 94.03, February 1994.

M17    Ackermann Ph., Direct Manipulation of Temporal Structures in a Multimedia Application Framework, # 94-04, February 1994.

M18    Szabo K., Stucki P., Blatter M., Horezky C., Pauli K., Ruff M., Simeon P., Entwicklung einer CD-ROM basierten Multimedia-Anwendung in einer offenen Systemumgebung, # 94-06, Februar 1994.

M19    Bichsel M., Ohensorge K. W., The Benefits of Noise for Joint probability Estimation, # 94-08, April 1994.

M20    Bichsel M., Ohnesorge K. W., The Subtleties of Probability Estimation, # 94-09, April 1994.

M21    Stern Chr., Erweiterung und Verbesserung der CT-Bildverarbeitungs-Software CTrans, # 94-11, May 1994.

M22    Cirmaz C., Datenkompression – eine Untersuchung der Arithmetischen Kodierung im Vergleich mit PACK, COMPRESS, JPEG, CJPEG, # 94-20, December 1994.

M23    Stern Ch., Programmierung eines Virtual-Reality Anwendungs-Frameworks für die Realisierung interaktiver Walk-Throughs, # 95-01, January 1995.

M24    Bichsel M., Illumination Invariant Face Recognition, # 95-02, January 1995.

M25    Stucki H., Stucki P., Fuchs W .A., Hodler J., Stereolithographie und Medizin: Resultate einer klinischen Studie, # 95.03, March 1995.

M26    Eichelberg D., Ackermann Ph., The 3D-Graphics Framework of MET++, # 95-06, September 1995.

M27    Fromherz Th., Stucki P., Bichsel M., A Survey of Face Recognition, # 97-01, August 1997.


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