Awards Peter Stucki

A1   IBM Corporation Invention Achievement Award, April 1975.

A2    Society of Information Display Best Paper Award 1975: Comparison and Optimization of Computer-Generated Halftone Pictures, May 1976.

A3    IBM Research Division Award: Investigations in Image Processing for Docu­ment Reproduction, Aug. 1976.

A4   IBM Corporation Invention Achievement Award, Febr. 1978.

A5    IBM Research Division Award: Contribution to IBM´s Reputation in Image Pro­cessing, Oct. 1978.

A6    IBM Corporation Outstanding Innovation Award: Digital Image Processing Algo­rithms, Sept. 1980.

A7    IBM Europe Informal Award: Digital Image Processing Summer School, Sept. 1983.

A8    Anerkennungsurkunde für die Architektur-Mitgestaltung der neuen Banknoten­serie der Schwei­zerischen Nationalbank, November 1995.

A9    SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Pioneer, August 1995.


Awards MultiMedia Laboratorium

AM1   Ackermann Ph., NCR Award for his contribution on Computer and Music, Fall 1991.

AM2   Gabriel W., Eurographics ´91, Techno-Art Student Price for his computer animation ´The Japanese Crystal´.

AM3   Meyer André, AT&T Award for his contribution to Personal Digital Agents, Fall 1995.

AM4   Ackermann Ph., Eichelberg D., Wagner B., Byte Magazine, Best Multimedia Software, Best of CeBIT´96 Finalist (3rd rank).


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